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What's your opinion on cropping ears?




I’m fine with it as long at it’s done responsibly. The fact of the matter is that here in the US if you want a breed that’s traditionally cropped or docked from a responsible breeder, you don’t really have much choice as the procedure is typically done when the dog is very young and at that point which dogs are going to show homes and which are going to pet or working homes usually isn’t nailed down. I’ll also admit that I like cropping from an aesthetic standpoint - I much prefer cropped doberman and if I ever do get a beauceron I’d want it’s ears cropped. I’m not a huge fan of the way bully breeds look when cropped but some of that may be due to the preponderance of absolutely terrible crop jobs.

Hurray, a non-dobe person understands! Yeah, unfortunately, most of the time they’re fine long before you as a buyer would even know which one is yours let alone being able to offer you a choice on it. At 3 days (docking) and 6 weeks (cropping) the breeder may have SOME idea, but typically won’t know for sure until weeks 7 and 8. Not really great timing for protesting the procedure!

Bully crops CAN look nice but I think it’s massively dependant on who is doing the cropping and the majority of byb bullies and mastiffs with cropped ears do indeed look horrible (the majority of dobe byb crops are similar terrible though), but those coming from good breeders are still well matched to the head and have clean sides and look… Not like someone used a pair of scissors.

Honestly i just prefer crops on dogs with finer features and bully ears are kinda hilarious looking.

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